• "We are what we repeatedly do,
    Excellence then is not an art but a habit."

  • "We Judge ourselves by what we feel
    capable of doing while others judge by
    what we have already done."

  • "Kisco's Mantra: Deliver reliable products with
    trust and commitment".

Welcome to Kisco Castings India Limited

Incorporated in 1993, Kisco’s commitment to strive for quality has developed it into a steel house for customers.

Equipped with modern technology and an educated and motivated workforce, it has developed consistent quality products that have time and again exceeded the expectation of its customers.

Kisco takes necessary care in coordinating and streamlining its production cycle to ensure customer satisfaction by timely execution of its orders. With its never ending quest for long term customer relationships, pre and post sales technical support has become an integral part of its system, which includes services like material selection, economic feasibility analysis and process engineering. Apart from the systems and facilities, dynamic approach of its employees and management is the key to the success of the company. It is the only company with all services/ facilities under one roof providing a one stop shop to its customers, be it for hot rolled, hot forged, casted or heat treated products in any grade, size, shape and quantity.

Flexible Quantity

Flexibility & Qualities are key to successful businesses. It helps in lowering total cost of ownership. With smaller batch sizes our customers can order the required quantity and lower their inventory cost.

Customized Steel Grades

Kisco Castings continuously innovates and develops new technology in this highly competitive world to stay on top. Customization is need of the hour in this rapidly changing and competitive world. Kisco offers customization in chemical composition, size, tolerance, length & services. If you require a special steel we can customize it precisely for you.

Production Machinery

  • Two Medium Frequency Melting Furnaces by Electrotherm
  • Vacuum degassing unit
  • Ladle Refining Unit with Argon purging system
  • Rolling mill- 12 inches & 24 inches automatic mill with 18inches roughing mill.
  • Bright bars machinery/ Peeling & cold drawing.
  • Open die forging
  • Forging mobile manipulator –DDE GERMANY
  • Oil/Gas fired re-heating furnace with different capacities from 4MT to 60MT
  • Straightening presses up to 300 tones
  • Round & square straightening machines
  • Sand-casting foundry section
  • Die casting section
  • Machining section - Lathe, CNC lathe, vertical turret lathe, horizontal boring, surface grinder, roll grinder, shaper, milling, drilling etc.
  • Quenching & Tempering – Water/Oil

Our Clients