All Facilities Under One Roof

Kisco Castings offers various services/facilities/operations in one place. We offer a multitude of hot-rolled, hot forged, casted, and heat-treated products in various grade, shape, size, and even the quantity.

Customized Technical Parameters

We do not force our buyers into procuring unnecessary high volumes. You can always purchase the steel according to your needs without worrying about the storage of any extra steel that you may buy.

Small Batch Size

Customization is needed for the present time and Kisco offers customization in chemical composition, size, tolerance, length & services. If you require special steel we can customize it precisely for you.

High Acceptance Rate

Kisco Castings use the best quality raw product and follow the most stringent refinement procedures to make your steel best with the highest acceptance levels for a multitude of applications.


KISCO is a 27 years steel company, spread over an area of over 300000+sq ft with over 450+ employees. We serve more than 1287 customers and have sold more than 650000+tons to more than 7 countries all over the world. With 7 different international quality certifications, we serve more than 21 global MNCs. We make alloy steel products by hot rolling, hot forging, or casted rolls in any grade and size range as per customer technical specifications.

Quality Assurance

Kisco Castings (India) Limited is well-known for attention to detail with a continued commitment to quality both in-process and product. Our facilities have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification since 2001.
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Since our inception, we have traveled a long journey from a Steel trading house to the position we stand today with our several certificates and facilities. We developed ourselves and gained various Quality & compliance certificates, both nationally and internationally.
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We have a well-ordered and thoroughly functional infrastructure with various facilities like Rolling Mill, Forging Division, SMS Division, Machine shop, and many more to procure, process, and manufacture the finest quality goods in a timely manner for our clients.
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Production Machinery

  • Two Medium Frequency Melting Furnaces by Electrotherm
  • Vacuum degassing unit
  • Ladle Refining Unit with Argon purging system
  • Bright bars machinery/ Peeling & cold drawing.
  • Open die forging
  • Oil/Gas fired re-heating furnace with different capacities from 4MT to 60MT
  • Round & square straightening machines
  • Straightening presses up to 300 tones
  • Quenching & Tempering – Water/Oil
  • Sand-casting foundry section
  • Die casting section
  • Machining section - Lathe, CNC lathe, vertical turret lathe, horizontal boring, surface grinder, roll grinder, shaper, milling, drilling etc.
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Flexibility & Quality

It helps in lowering total cost of ownership. With smaller batch sizes our customers can order the required quantity and lower their inventory cost.


Our Range

Round bars

Round Bars are made with maximum reduction ration and hot top discard to give homogeneity in the material. Surface inspection is carried out a piece to piece.

Square and Flat bars

Manufactured in multiple grades, the square and flat bars from Kiscosteel ensures the best quality to the customer. It is produced with maximum reduction ration by a rolling method at temperatures.

Forged bars and rings

Forging quality is maintained by a high reduction ratio, hot top discard & controlling the temperature during forging along with controlled cooling rate after forging.


Kisco Manufactures premium quality alloy Steel ingots in varied sizes. We offer Ingots with hot top manufactured through Bottom pouring process properly degassed in our vacuum Degassing (VD) set up.

Steel Casted Rolls

Roll quality is measured by the amount of rolled product output per roll pass of our customer. Internally we measure the nodularity, hardness depth, chilling factor, mechanical properties and uniformity of hardness with higher output per roll.

Die blocks

Die Steel is manufactured as per DIN1.2714/DB6 international specification with quality as per International material with 0% rejection, quality speaks for itself. The material is tested for internal grain flow die life mechanical properties and uniformity in hardness.

Tool steels

DIN 1.2343/H11, DIN 1.2344/H13 quality is maintained by measuring the tool life of our customers. Internally we measure % spheroidization, low inclusion rating, very fine grain size, low gas levels, and high ultrasonic testing acceptance level.

Bright bars

We manufacture high-quality Bright Bars in various sizes & dimensions in accordance with accepted International Standards. We offer a high reduction ratio, tightly maintained tolerance, MPI Tested, crystal clean surface finishes with mechanical properties as required.


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Procure the finest Customized Alloy Steel.

Creating Excellence in Steel Solutions?

We make sure that our Quality Assurance prevents any mistakes and defects in any of the steel products that our clients procure from us. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification and ISO/TS 16949:2009 are proof of our excellent compliance with the International Quality Assurance standards.
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The Management

Kuldeep Goel

Kuldeep Goel

Chairman & M.D
Parveen Goel

Parveen Goel

Raghav Goel

Raghav Goel

Aayushi Goel

Aayushi Goel

Head of Marketing & Communication
They say


My Experience working with Kisco Castings very much positive since their facilities, product quality, and process traceability systems are meet our customers’ expectations and recommended to one of our Major customers and they have been approved for their vendors to procure materials from Kisco Castings”. I Look forward to many more opportunities in the future.

South India’s famous Concrete Pump spares, Precision Machine Parts Manufacturer

KISCO Castings India Limited is having good team with adequate process /product knowledge, teamwork and leadership. The technical expertise in KISCO provides innovative solutions for VPG.

World’s leading load cell manufacturer

We would like to say thank you for your continued support for on-time and expedite deliveries as per our requirements.

World’s leading load cell manufacturer

M/s Kisco is a Techno & commercially efficient company that can supply quality raw materials to the earthmoving industry. Kisco supplies meet beml quality and delivery schedules. Kisco quality systems are world-class.

India’s leading mining and earth moving equipment manufacturer

This is to appreciate and thank Kisco Castings India Limited for their supply of quality Alloy steel raw material of 42Cr4Mo2. We had a very good experience working with Kisco castings India Limited and will refer them for future business also.

Leading supplier of engine item , shear pin etc

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    Note - Minimum Order Quantity is usually 8000kg per size for common grades and sizes starting from 32mm onwards.