Quality Assurance

While many factors contribute to the quality of steel, experience and commitment are the most important. Kisco Castings (India) Limited is well-known for attention to detail with continued commitment to quality both in process and product. Our facilities have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification since 2001.

We at Kisco believe in the principles that forge way for some of the best manufacturing facilities in the world. Since 1992 we have adhered to some basic principles,

  • Customer first, then the employee and then the shareholders but generating value for everyone. Long term philosophy is emphasized over short terms financial gains.
  • Continuous process improvement - It is done by having close control on the process parameters like temperature, time, composition, degassing etc.
  • Standardized tasks from production to administration are to promote continuous improvement and empower employees to learn better and faster.
  • Flat and transparent management structure, the senior management sees things for themselves; hence have more than just a superficial understanding of situations.

Kisco's tradition demands perfection in every phase of production - whether it is production of forged alloy steel bars, forgings, SG iron castings, rolled alloy steel bars or other steel products. We manufacture from a variety of grades as per specific process and composition requirements. This requires expertise with close supervision on the process flow. To assure quality, we perform tests and checks at every stage possible, from molding to material dispatch.

Kisco Castings has always maintained the belief that the end product is very much dependent on the raw materials that goes into our steel making. Using only certified and tested raw material has always been a practice at Kisco. For this sole purpose Kisco and its directors have established a new venture, Kisco Global LLC, in US with its vision of being a consistent supplier of quality raw material.

Research & Development equipment

  • Grain Size
  • Inclusion rating
  • Cast Iron
  • Freeze analysis
  • Decarburization
  • Gas analyzer by OHN
  • Digital Microscope with image analyzer software.
  • Spectrometers (31 channels) and 27 channel-2 by Spectromaxx, Germany.
  • Sample cutting machine
  • Impact Testing machine with ā€˜Vā€™ & ā€˜Uā€™ notch up to -190 C
  • Universal Testing Machine with extension meter
  • Rockwell, Poldi, Shore, Brinell hardness testing machines
  • Jominy Hardenability testing equipment with muffle furnace.
  • Fully equipped wet analysis lab
  • Muffle furnace for up to 1400C
  • Handheld XRFs( Oxford instruments & Bruker USA)
  • Thermocouple calibration with N,K,R,S type.

Testing and Inspection equipment

  • Dye Penetrant Testing
  • Sand testing equipment
  • Digital immersion pyrometer
  • Ultrasonic Testing Machine from GE, EEC and Modsonic
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (Prod / Yoke / Continuous) up to 7meter length.
  • Portable infrared temperature indicator from 30-1800C
  • Moisture meter
  • Micrometers, Vernier caliper, dial gauge, Tap sets etc.
  • Noise decibel meter.

3 rd Party Inspection