Composition for the 20X2H4A:

0.35 - 0.45%
0.90 - 1.40%
0.50 - 0.80%
0.20 - 0.40%
0.10 - 0.35%

This is a structural alloy steel that is used in the files of ships, airplanes, vehicles, guided missiles, railways, weapons, pressure vessels, bridges, machine tools, and mechanical components that have bigger sectional sizes. You can also find them in fasteners in a processing plant, connecting nuts and bolts, turbine fasteners and boiler support rods in a power generator, and in multi-diameter shafts.

Ways to Find the Product

How can you find this type of steel once you find the right alloy steel manufacturer? Most companies offer round bars with diameters of 0.50 to 500 mm, steel strips, square/flat bars from 3 to 500 mm, and forging pieces that include stepped shafts with discs, flanks, slugs, tubes, donuts, cubes, and many other shapes based on OEM.

If you need something other than these sizes and shapes, just ask. It is always possible to get a custom-designed product in the end, which makes it much easier to find exactly what you need for your particular project.

Other Specifications

The 20X2H4A type of steel has hardness and toughness, a lot more wear-resistance than other types of steel, and has a high carbon content that makes it perfect for cutting tools, cold working dies, and much more. The hardness is above HRC60 after quenching, and it has sufficient wear resistance for most applications. To get custom-designed products or if you have any unique questions – just ask. You deserve to get exactly what your project requires every time.