When you need a high-quality steel with the hardness you depend on for a variety of projects, EN19/SAE4140 is the one you want. EN19 is a high-tensile alloy type of steel that you usually receive in a readily machinable “T” condition. It provides shock-resisting properties and is wear-resistant as well, and it always provides very good ductility. You can also harden it by heating it uniformly to 1500/1545° Fahrenheit until it is heated all the way through, then quenching it in oil.

Lots of Versatility

When you want to temper EN19, just heat it uniformly and thoroughly once again like you do when you wish to harden it, using the selected temperature for tempering. Afterward, hold it at heat for one hour for every inch of total thickness. Although the numbers for this type of alloy steel can change slightly in different circumstances.

Composition for the EN19 :


This isn’t etched in stone, however, since most companies that manufacture all types of steel will customize your order so that you get just what you need in the end.

Some Properties Can Change

The mechanical properties of EN19 can change depending on the heat treatment, tensile strength, and hardness level, among others. Companies that offer alloy steel manufacture services can answer any questions you might have about the manufacturing process so that you always know you’re getting the type of steel you need for the applications you plan to use it for. You can also do some additional research online to get the details you need regarding what you can do with EN19 steel.