EN24 engineering steel is very high-strength and is usually supplied both hardened and tempered. The grade is usually a nickel-chromium molybdenum combination, which offers high-tensile steel strength. It has good ductility and wears resistance, as well as relatively good impact properties when using low temperatures. This type of alloy steel is also acceptable for numerous elevated temperature applications.

Some Important Features of EN24/817M40

The EN24/817M40 engineering steel has features that include the following:

  • It is easy to treat.
  • It is easy to temper.
  • It is usually supplied both hardened and tempered.
  • It offers a good combination of ductility, strength, and wear-resistance.
  • It is a very high-in-strength type of alloy engineering steel.

As far as applications are concerned, this type of steel can be used for drill bushings, gears, high-strength shafts, punches and dies, and even retaining rings, among others. You can find this type of steel in round bars, square bars, flat bars, and plate designs.

The Perfect Steel for Many Different Applications

EN24 is very suitable for nitriding, which gives it a very hard wear-resistant core in the 61 to 65Rc range. The nitriding process typically consists of low temperatures, which produce components with a scale-free surface and minimum distortion.

Composition for the EN24 :

0.35 -0.45
0.45 – 0.70
0.10 – 0.35
0.90 – 1.40
1.3 – 1.8
0.20 – 0.35

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