Also known as 832M13, the EN36C type of engineering steel is a nickel-chromium alloy case-hardening steel usually specified for heavy-duty applications that are highly stressed and for which high peak steels can be used as high-duty gears for aircraft and steering worms. If the steel is hardened and carburized, the core strengths of 850 to 1230 n/mm2 are possible.

Composition for the EN36C:

0.035% max.
0.04% max.

This is a nickel-chromium alloy case-hardening steel that is used for many heavy-duty highly stressed applications in many different industries. Steering worms and high-duty gears for aircraft are just two of the areas where this type of steel is utilized. 

If this steel is carburized and hardened, the core strengths of 850 to 1230 n/mm2 are possible. In fact, the chromium present in the steel will increase its hardenability, while the nickel content will make the steel tough and more resistant to shock.

Adding Molybdenum

If you add molybdenum to this steel, it becomes even harder, especially when compared to the 655M13 grade. Its core strength is also greatly improved after heat treatment, as the nickel acts to increase both toughness and its resistance to shock. Today, the EN36C steel is still often referred to as the 832M13 grade, which was its equivalent grade under the previous BS 970:1955 standard.

Alloy steel manufacturer services usually include making this type of steel in a round bar, and other associated standards include UK standard EN36, European grades 15NiCr13, and SAE/AISI 3415.

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