The S355 type of steel is a European standard structural steel grade and is divided into four main quality grades. These include the S355JR, S355J0, S355K2, and S355J2. If you consider the structural properties of the S355 steel, it is better than both S235 and S275 when it comes to tensile strength and yield strength.

Composition for the S355J2 :


The “S” in the classification stands for “structural steel,” while the number 355 refers to the minimum yield strength value for the long and flat thickness of steel, which is ≤16 mm. Finally, the “J2” refers to the minimum impact energy value of 27 J at -4° Fahrenheit.

Some Facts About the S355 Steel Types

Essentially, S355J2 is micro-alloyed structural steel that is great for various mechanical engineering applications. It has very good weldability with max CEV=0.47 for all variants, and it is often delivered with a controlled silicon content to allow for good galvanizing properties. In addition, people have wondered about the differences between S355J2 and S355JR, and the answer to that can be summed up this way: the different impact temperature is the main difference between the two types of alloy steel. Simply put, the S355J2 steel adapts better to low-temperature work conditions than the S355JR steel does.

Alloy steel manufacture of S355J2 products include semi-finished products, and various flat and long products. The steel has very good weldability whether you use heat or not.