The SAE8620 steel is a case-hardening steel consisting of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum as the alloying elements. It has good toughness and strength properties and higher core strength than grades 8615 and 8617.

Composition for the SAE8620 :

0.040 max.
0.040 max.

It is a steel that has many different applications, including the production of medium-strength parts that include forged camshafts, gears, and fasteners, among others.

Forging and Heat Treatment

The 8620 grade of steel alloy is forged at the starting temperature of roughly 2250° Fahrenheit, although it can be forged all the way down to about 1700° Fahrenheit. After forging, the alloy is air-cooled. When hardening and tempering, the following applies:

  • It is normalized at 1675° Fahrenheit and air-cooled, which is another way to improve machinability in this particular grade. Normalizing is also sometimes used prior to case-hardening.
  • When tempering to the desired hardness, it is best to use temperatures that are based on past experience, following either a water or oil quench.

The 8620 has good machinability when cooled down suitably from forging or subsequent heat treatment. It can also be welded by normal fusion methods, but this should be done before carburizing or hardening and tempering.

Miscellaneous Information About SAE8620

Companies that offer the alloy steel manufacture services you need will answer any questions you have to provide you with the perfect product in the end. 8620 is a multipurpose alloy steel that you can find a variety of uses for.

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