St 52-3 steel is bright steel that is made from structural steel and has technical delivery conditions.

Composition for the St 52-3 :


This alloy steel comes in many types from the manufacturer, including plates and sheets, steel bars, coils and strips, and tubes and pipes. This is a low-alloy steel that offers high strength and is used in the making of construction machinery and equipment and many other items. You can also find it applicable for the building of ships and even bridges, thanks to its high strength.

The Ins and Outs of St 52-3 Steel

This type of steel has a low-carbon equivalent and possesses very good cold-forming properties. Most of the time, steel plates made out of this type of steel are supplied in either normalized or control-rolled condition. Other applications for this type of steel include mobile equipment, chassis, booms and cranes, and most structural activities. 

This is an unalloyed structural steel that offers dimensional stability, good machinability, and even good weldability thanks to its low carbon content (C ≤ 0.22%). The working hardness is roughly 180 HB (annealed), and the steel is typically only used for unhardened components.

Some Additional Data

Alloy steel manufacture includes the manufacture of sheets and bars, among other types, and some of the other details about this type of steel include a hardness level of ≤180HB (annealed), and equivalencies to steels known as:

  • AISI, ASTM, and SAE in the U.S.
  • EN in Europe
  • ISO standard
  • British standard BSI
  • France standard NF
  • Chinese GB standard
  • Indian IS standard