Our Range

Round bars

Round Bars are made with maximum reduction ration and hot top discard to give homogeneity in the material. Surface inspection is carried out a piece to piece.

Square and Flat bars

Manufactured in multiple grades, the square and flat bars from Kiscosteel ensures the best quality to the customer. It is produced with maximum reduction ration by a rolling method at temperatures.

Forged bars and rings

Forging quality is maintained by a high reduction ratio, hot top discard & controlling the temperature during forging along with controlled cooling rate after forging.


Kisco Manufactures premium quality alloy Steel ingots in varied sizes. We offer Ingots with hot top manufactured through Bottom pouring process properly degassed in our vacuum Degassing (VD) set up.

Steel Casted Rolls

Roll quality is measured by the amount of rolled product output per roll pass of our customer. Internally we measure the nodularity, hardness depth, chilling factor, mechanical properties and uniformity of hardness with higher output per roll.

Die blocks

Die Steel is manufactured as per DIN1.2714/DB6 international specification with quality as per International material with 0% rejection, quality speaks for itself. The material is tested for internal grain flow die life mechanical properties and uniformity in hardness.

Tool steels

DIN 1.2343/H11, DIN 1.2344/H13 quality is maintained by measuring the tool life of our customers. Internally we measure % spheroidization, low inclusion rating, very fine grain size, low gas levels, and high ultrasonic testing acceptance level.

Bright bars

We manufacture high-quality Bright Bars in various sizes & dimensions in accordance with accepted International Standards. We offer a high reduction ratio, tightly maintained tolerance, MPI Tested, crystal clean surface finishes with mechanical properties as required.