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Tool Steel Bars

Tool Steel Bars

Kisco supplies the best tool Steel Bars for a multitude of applications like press forging , extrusion etc.

Manufacturing Process for Tool Steel

Tool steel is made from ingots by hot rolling/hot forging are processed after giving required reduction ratio and discarding hot top and bottom for homogeneity. These bars are further heat treated by

  • Stress Relieving
  • Spheroidizing Annealing
  • Quenching and Tempering

They are also offered in bright condition by 

  • Peeling and Reeling (for upto 120mm for rolled)
  • Proof machining (greater than 120mm)

They are also offered in

  • Cut to length
  • Multiple lengths

Quality Check of Tool Steel

Following checks are conducted in tool steel and reported in the TEST CERTIFICATE as per customer requirement

  • Surface inspection (Magnetic Particle Inspection) is carried out of each bar end to end
  • Positive Material Identification using XRF to certify in process chemistry of each bar
  • 100% dimensional verification using calibrated verniers and Go No-Go gauges
  • Step down testing
  • Upset forging test
  • NMIR (Non metallic inclusion rating)
  • Macrostructure testing
  • Microstructure phase analysis
  • Grain Size
  • Ultrasonic Testing for internal defects
  • Radioactivity test
  • Gas analysis (O, N, H)

Application and End-Use

Various companies use our round steel bars for making final products in industries such as Extrusion, Press forging, Die forging, Tool and mould, Defence, Load cells, Toolings etc

Minimum Order Quantity for SS Round Bar

These items are sold from stock, so feel free to share your requirements and we will be happy to quote even as low at 1000kg.

Different grades and International specifications

We are manufacturing bars and supplying renowned companies like Sandvik etc.


DIN1.2343/AISI H11, Din 1.2344/AISI H13

Round Bars in various sizes

Hot Rolled Bars
40 - 100
Hot Forged Bars
100 - 300
Hot Forged Rings
200 - 500

Flexibility & Quality

At Kisco Steels, the Stainless Steel Round bars are available in various grades and sizes for a variety of industrial application purposes.

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