Learning the difference between iron and steel is simple because iron is a naturally occurring element found in rocks under the earth’s surface and steel is manufactured by mixing iron with other elements. You can literally find iron all over the planet, earth’s crust is also made of iron and it is abundantly available. On the other hand, steel is alloyed, and this means that to get steel, you have to mix iron with other elements. You can make all types of alloy steel by using the science of “metallurgy”. Pure Iron is extremely lustrous and very soft, pure iron can be cut with a knife and very easy to magnetize.

Different Types of Steel

Before you mix iron with other elements, you have to refine it and add carbon. Afterwards, you simply add elements like Manganese and Silicon to make different types of steels. You can make alloy steels by adding chromium , nickel, Molybdenum and various other elements. For example, if you add chromium and Nickel you get stainless steel. Stainless steel is very valuable because it is much more durable than standard steel and it is slow to rust. Certain types of stainless steels are corrosion resistant hence are used to make utensils. Steel is used everywhere, from pipes, nuts and bolts, fasteners, valves, TMT, structures, defence, railway parts, aerospace and so on. Therefore it can be said that

There is a bit of steel in everybody’s life.