Shot blasting of steel is your solution.

When you’re buying steel materials, you look for good, clean steel with proper finishing.

Shot Blasting is the most environmentally friendly innovative technique ideal for preparing such smooth surface finished steel products. It is an additional value added process which is done after the hot rolling and/or heat treatment of steel.

There are several benefits of this process from removing rust, mill scale and corrosive builds including chemical stains, faded paints, heat treatment scales, rolling & forging surface debris removal for better inspection visually or through other non-destructive methods by aids in revealing any surface defects (kindly note only surface defect and not internal defects).

This is the most efficient and effective process to prepare a metal surface prior to painting or coating and make them smooth with much better bond between blasted surface & protective coating.

In this method no chemicals, no acids, only cleanup through physical pellets using an abrasion process. In this process dust is swept away by a powerful vacuum and dust collection system available within the machine.

Further, it has benefits in mechanical properties also as it induces compressive residual stress on the blasted surface which is beneficial for fatigue life and resistant to crack propagation.

This is another step by Kisco towards environmentally friendly steel compared to manufacturers who do acid pickling for the same.

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Shot Blasted Alloy Steel Bars

Shot Blasted Alloy Steel Bars