KISCO Steel is a brand recognised for reliable and dependable alloy steels. We at Kisco are happy to announce our new LRF + VD + EF setup . In our continuous endeavour to provide quality alloy steel to our customers we invest in upgrading our steel melting setup and R&D. With your support , 2021 has been an opportunity for us when we have upgraded our R&D and testing setup by NABL certifications, 9 BIS licenses, IMS by Lloyds Registrar, UK , well known steel maker in process from Lloyds, new gas analyzer and latest 37 elements spectrometer from Thermo Fisher etc.

Having customers like you have helped us make bold investments in infrastructure upgrades to offer superior quality. 2022will be a transformative year with our new Ladle Refining Furnace with regulation system from Primetal , UK; new Vacuum Degassing with pumps from Edwards UK and engineering from Germany, new Electric furnace from Megatherm. All commissioned.

Also by April,22 we look forward to bringing to you our continuous casting facilities with alloy steel billets from 100×100 to 200×200 capacity.

Please send your enquiry for material made through Electric Furnace with Arcing in Ladle Refining Furnace(LRF) and Vacuum Degassing (VD) to less than 1 mbar.

To learn more about these amazing benefits and placing your order, contact us today by calling (+91) 9999116144 to talk to one of our sales representatives or email us at