Did You Know The Variety Of Steels Used In The Oil And Gas Industry?

Steel is used in every industry for different applications, depending on the end use different types of steel are used. The oil and gas industry uses many different types of steel which contain:

  • Molybdenum: for parts used in pipeline construction down-hole tools
  • Nickel: for subsea equipment and various fittings, valves, and tools
  • Copper: for wellheads, valves, seals, and stems
  • Chromium (SS): for process equipment, structural components, flowlines, and heat exchangers
  • Inconel: for drilling tools and valves, chemical processing equipment, and flare booms
  • Titanium: for heat exchangers and compressor parts.

Why These Types of Steel?

Oil and gas companies use these types of steel for various reasons. For instance, Inconel is perfect for resisting corrosion even when seawater and acids are involved. Molybdenum adds strength to the item, and nickel is perfect when high temperatures are involved. Each metal has its own advantages; therefore, this industry can use the most appropriate one when certain applications are required. The choice of steel also depends on various factors like

  • Specific application
  • Environmental conditions
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Cost considerations

Other Common Types of Steel

Stainless steel, tool steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel, high strength alloy steels are the most commonly used by oil and gas companies, and the main pipes used in the offshore world include Duplex 2205 and 2507. For wellhead applications, some of the most common metals are Inconel 625 (cladding) and Inconel 718 (solid).

Since the alloys in steel tend to make the steel versatile, oil and gas companies use them a lot. Some of the common alloy steel grades include 4130,4145, 4330, 4340, and 8620, among many others. The good news is that the right manufacturing company with multi-decades of experience can help you get the metals with the best quality because they are the experts. If you choose the right metal manufacturer, you can rest assured that you’ll get just what you need to get the job done every time.

Companies like us with in-house R&D facilities and decades of manufacturing experience offer customized solutions for the challenges that arise for OEMs due to design criteria. With more than 3 decades of experience in making steel, and approvals for oil and gas majors like Weatherford, NOV, etc. KISCO is well geared to also cater to the alloy steel requirements for the oil and gas industry now.