Nitriding steels are alloy steels that undergo a process called nitriding, where they are heated in the presence of ammonia gas to introduce nitrogen into their surface. This nitrogen forms nitrides like iron nitrides. These nitrides enhance the hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for applications in automotive, aerospace, tooling and die industries. It also has reduced friction which enhances their performance in sliding and rotating applications.

One such grade is EN 41B also known as 41CrAlMo7, 40CAD6.12, 905M31, DIN1.8509 differently in different international specifications.

EN41B alloy steel is a chromium-aluminium-molybdenum alloy. Being a nitriding steel, it is usually supplied in hardened and tempered condition. After making required size and dimension and then by nitriding it further hardens the surface layer according to the application to improve wear resistance and impact load on the material , this increases surface hardness even upto 68 HRC.

EN41B is used in automobile, textile, aerospace, tooling and general engineering industries where high wear & abrasion resistance is required. Typical application includes connecting rods, clutch plates, extruders, hydraulic cylinders, gears & pinions, valve stems, dies & die-inserts, ring & plunger, shackle pins, screw & barrel for injection molding machines.

What differentiates this grade from others is the higher aluminium. If Aluminium is not alloyed correctly it can lead to reduced end product life unknown to the end user, most of the times the cost of the product like tools being much costlier than the cost of the raw material and the loss of machine downtime.

At Kisco Steel we can supply this grade both rolled and forged form with the required quenching and tempering. With 31+ years, customers rely on us not only on the quality but also our commitment to continuous improvements.